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D. Nahale


Student of the year 2011Welcome to Mr. Nahale's Automotive Technology  I & 2 and Basic Car Care

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Phone number: 510-505-7300 ext 67361

Best time to call:3:00pm-4:00pm

My name is Doug Nahale. I've been an automotive technician for over 30 years and teaching for the last (8) eight years. I have a beautiful wife of 24 years and have been blessed with four kids. My oldest son and daughter are in college. My third kid is becoming a marine this October; my youngest son is a sophomore in high school. I decided to become a teacher to spend more time with my kids and found out that giving back to kids is such a rewarding and enjoyably experience. I've worked hard to build this class to make it one of the best experiences for the kids to enjoy and learn about the automobile.

Basic Car Care covers the basics of the automobile.  Students work with their hands building a scaled down CO2 powered car as one of their projects that they do that year. 

Automotive Technology 1 is more in-depth and hands-on for students to enjoy and explore the different aspects of the vehicle.

Automotive Technology 2 is a pathway for students looking to make this their possible career choice. The program is articulated with Chabot College for the student's post secondary education; students will enjoy hands-on job tasks, with in-depth diagnostic challenges also working closely with the tools and equipment in the shop.   



Period 1 AUTO 2 8:00 - 8:51am  
Period 2 AUTO 2 8:57 - 9:48am  
Period 3

Husky period


10:00 - 10:30am

10:30 - 11:21am

Period 4 BEGINNING AUTO 11:27 - 12:18am  
LUNCH   12:18 - 12:56pm  
Period 5  AUTO 1 1:02 - 1:53pm  
Period 6  AUTO 1  1:59 - 2:50pm