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Parking on Campus

WHS has reserved parking for staff and students.  Visitor parking is available in the Fremont Blvd. parking lot.  Visitor spaces are marked.  Also spaces 1-5 are overflow parking if needed.

Student Parking Lot

Parking by permit only. All others will be cited or booted.

Parking in marked spaces only. All others will be cited or booted.

NO drop off or pick up in student parking lot. Please use designated loading zones

(yellow curbs) on Country Drive.

Fremont BlvdStaff Parking Lot

The staff lot is for assigned staff spaces and visitor parking (slots face Fremont Blvd) ONLY.

NO drop off or pick up in staff parking lotPlease use designated loading zones (yellow curbs) on Eggers Drive and Country Drive.

Eggers Dr. Staff Parking Lot

NO drop off or pick up in staff parking lotPlease use designated loading zones (yellow curbs) on Eggers Drive and Country Drive.

Senior Parking

Students can come into the office starting Monday, August 16, to pick up paperwork for senior parking. The deadline to turn in the paperwork is Friday, August 20 at 3:00 p.m. Due to the fact we only have 161 parking spots available, there will be a lottery. The lottery will be posted Monday, August 23, at each of the attendance windows. To ensure that everyone will have their parking spots by the first day of school, collection of payment, picking your parking slot and receiving your parking stickers will commence on August 23. Please be prompt to help the process run smoothly. Thank you!

Policies - Parking

Student parking permits are issued on a lottery basis to Seniors who have submitted the Campus Parking Contract (and the $10.00 fee).  Parking spots are issued per semester.

Students who drive to school must have a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration for vehicles that may be driven during the school year.

Students parking on campus agree to follow these policies (as agreed to in the parking contract)

  1. Student must obey all laws, traffic and otherwise, while on campus with their vehicles. THE SPEED LIMIT IS 15 MPH. Disruptive/Dangerous/Reckless behavior will be addressed immediately.

  2. Parking permits must be clearly displayed on the rear view mirror on campus. Lost or misplaced permits must be reported ASAP.

  3. Permits are not transferable to other drivers or cars not listed on the parking contract agreement.

  4. All vehicles on campus must be legally and safely parked in appropriate areas. Cars parked in the Handicap spaces, fire lanes, dirt areas, or the turning ends of the parking rows are subject to citation and/or towing.

  5. Do not enter, exit, or park in the designated staff parking areas. 

  6. The parking lot is off limits during the school day. During lunch you may use your vehicle to leave campus. Allowances are not made due to unforeseen circumstances, causing a student to return late from lunch. Loitering in the campus lot is not permitted at any time.

  7. With the exception of lunch, a student is not permitted to leave campus unless they can provide a signed off grounds slip or a student identification card indicating that the student is allowed to leave campus at that time and date.

  8. Do not litter.

Please note that students are to leave their cars in the senior lot if attending athletic practices on campus.  No athletes should park behind the pool at anytime during the school year.