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Ohlone College (a CCC)

Counseling Appointments

Make an appointment here for in-person meetings, drop-in waitlist, or online e-counseling.


February 14th was the first day Ohlone College (a public California community college) began accepting online applications for Freshman students entering the Summer and Fall 2022 terms. (If you choose the Fall term, then you can use the same application for the Summer term, but not the reverse.)


New Student Onboarding Process

Who is considered a New Student? First-time attending any college after high school (including students with college credits from a high school program). First Year Student - Onboarding Steps

Quick link to Step 6, Placement Center: Math and English Self-Guided Placement  

New to our Onboarding Process? Click here to read more.


Undocumented Scholars Program - Participant Application

The Undocumented  Scholars Program at Ohlone College provides support services to undocumented students enrolled at the college. Its purpose is provide undocumented students with targeted support through academic, career, and personal counseling. All program participants have access to a dedicated counselor. The program also provides assistance with applying for the CA Dream Act, scholarship opportunities, as well as the opportunity to qualify for special grants (when available). We also provide FREE legal services referrals and assistance. To be considered for this program, please complete this application. The Undocu-Student Support Program will contact you to your Ohlone email after you submit your application. All information on this form will be kept confidential. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Vanesa Morales, program coordinator, at


In order to be considered for admission into Ohlone's Undocumented  Scholars Program, students must be enrolled at Ohlone College while receiving services, must be an active participant of the program (attend workshop, events, etc.), and must be open the receiving communication from program staff.

Please complete the form here: Undocumented Scholars Program


Ohlone College Liaison at WHS

Mr. Haywad Nawabi is the Ohlone College liaison and volunteer this spring semester. He is here to answer any student questions related to Ohlone College, including the student resources and academic programs there and the CCCApply college application. He can also assist you in the completion of the college application to Ohlone this fall.

Mr. Nawabi's hours are Mondays (10 AM to 2 PM) in the SRC room between the school library and office and Tuesdays (9 AM to 1 PM) in the College & Career Center (F243) until the end of the school year. He is a graduate student at Cal State University East Bay in Communications, a transfer student from Ohlone College, and one of our Huskies alumni from the class of 2015.