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Work Permits for Students



Students (who are minors under 18 years old): Please remember you need to get hired for the job prior to applying for a work permit as the employer must fill out and sign their portion of the application. You may even bring the work permit application to your job interview to save time. Your application must be legible and complete with wet ink signatures to avoid processing delays.

It is against the law for any minor to begin training or work before you have a valid work permit. Your employer could be fined and penalized.


Parents: Please remember to ensure that your child and their potential employer are observing all federal, state, and local laws and guidelines so that health and safety precautions are followed for everyone's sake. Students must have a social security number in order to be eligible for a work permit.



1. Complete and sign the Request for Work Permit Form.

2. Personally bring your form to Mrs. Ponssen in room F243. If she is absent that day, please try again the next day. Only if she is on vacation, you may drop off the form with your attendance clerk as a last resort.

3. Check that all information is legible and complete, including  your social security number and the wet ink signatures of you, your parent and employer.

4. Give at least two school days of time to process and then it's your responsibility to come to room F243 to sign and pick up your work permit.



* The work permit is good for this school year, summer, and one week into the new school year or until you switch employers.

** You must maintain better than a cumulative 2.0 GPA overall with no F grades recently and good attendance, or your work permit request will be denied or the permit will later get revoked.

*** If or when being issued a work permit, be prepared to sign this Student Agreement.