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Ohlone Connections: High School/College Joint Enrollment -

OHLONECommunity College Coursework in High School

Motivated, responsible students who have performed well in high school and meet entrance criteria have the opportunity to apply for a joint program between Fremont Unified and Ohlone College during their senior year. Students take high school classes in the morning on the Ohlone campus and then college classes in the afternoon. The program enables them to meet graduation requirements while starting college and earning college credit.

Open this Power Point Presentation to find out more details and criteria for this program: Ohlone College Connections

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Students have the opportunity to take some courses at community colleges during high school, provided that they maintain a 2.0 GPA and no Fs.  Courses available are limited to CSU/UC transferable classes which will require that students place into these courses through placement exams. More information about this area of study can be obtained from the Counseling Staff and the Ohlone College website.