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UC & CSU Admissions: What are my chances of being admitted?

San Jose State University

Compare your College Prep GPA (see the "Calculating your College Prep GPA" page) 
and SAT/ACT scores to those below to get an idea of where you might fit best.

California State University Freshman Admission Profile Fall 2017*


*ELC: Eligibility in the Local Context
The top 4% of students by GPA in each California High School who meet a set portion of the Subject requirements by the end of junior year are designated ELC and are guaranteed admission into at least one of the UC's.
UC Admissions Calculator:
This is a valuable tool that you can use to determine if you are on the path to gaining admission to the University of California. Follow the directions on this link to see where you stand while you continue to complete the college prep requirements and have taken the SAT or ACT. The top 9% of California students who have met the minimum course requirements and have taken the SAT/ACT are guaranteed admission into at least one UC campus, although it may not be the campus the student has chosen.
Find admissions applicant vs. admit rates for all U.S. colleges:
~ Select "Preferences" on the left
~ Click on a college, then click on "Applying" on the left
Much more information about colleges and careers available on this website!
Your online reputation...
Your online reputation: Ever wonder if colleges check you out online?? Here's some good advice about protecting your online reputation and steps to take to improve it: