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PSAT: Before the SAT or ACT

testPSAT 2019

OCTOBER 16, 2019

PSAT Redesign

ATTENTION: Sophomores & Juniors  
The PSAT will be given Wednesday morning, October 16, 2019, on the WHS campus during the school day.  Sophomores and Juniors planning to attend a 4 year college after high school will find this a great opportunity to get acquainted with the required tests. In mid December, each student receives their results and their counselor will provide them with some additional information as well.  Students receive an analysis of their answers and the original test question booklet that they used when taking the test.  This way, students have the opportunity to read each question and refer to their test analysis to deepen their understanding of their personal strengths and challenges on the test.  Students also have the opportunity to see further analysis of their results and more test prep information on the College Board website:
The PSAT is also the only test that qualifies JUNIORS for the National Merit Scholarship Program. 

See Mrs. Jung in the office for registration, checks payable to Washington High School ($25). Upon registration, students will receive the PSAT Official Student Guide which is full of information about the PSAT, PSAT practice questions and college planning information.

*All sophomores will take the test, which FUSD pays for. 

Registration Schedule 2019:    
Monday, September 16
to Wednesday, October 9
Only JUNIORS need to register;
Sophomores are pre-registered

Registration Location: 
Account Clerk
Main office  
Fee: $25
PSAT information:
Your testing location will be announced in the daily bulletin prior to test day. Doors will open at 7:45am; we encourage you to come early and get settled before the test begins. The test will conclude during 4th period.

Photo ID--Required to be admitted
Several #2 pencils with erasers
Four-function scientific or graphing calculator

TEST RESULTS for the 2019 PSAT

Results available online by mid-December.