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During the School Year

PARENTS: INTERVENTIONS from the WHS Counseling Department:
From the first day of the school year to the last--

Staying on top of your student’s progress in high school - You’re a busy parent trying to balance work, chores, parenting and squeezing in a little R&R now and then.
But how is your child really doing in school??
Your child is no longer the child that appears to need you as much. You have a teenager and at this age he/she wants to be very independent! But they need you now more than you may think. Your guidance and watchful eye are critical. In the Counseling Department, we regularly see instances where a parent is unaware of their student’s falling grades and it often comes too late in the semester. When parents ask their student how they are doing in school, the response they frequently get is the typical “fine” and they leave it at that. Parents: You must dig deeper! There are plenty of cases where students minimize their academic problems, take progress reports out of the mailbox so their parents won’t see them or boldly lie about their grades! Take nothing for granted: Check the facts yourself! And you can do so from home so that it will not take too much of your time:

  • Infinite Campus: Many of you are already registered for the parent portal of Infinite Campus. This useful tool will allow you to be able to see your student's attendance, grades, and transcript. You will also be able to communicate with their educational team.
  • Email teachers, counselors and administrators: This is an effective way to communicate and often gets a quicker response, and you don’t run the risk of a missed call if trying to make contact by phone.
  • Make an appointment with teachers, counselors and administrators: An in-person meeting or Zoom conference will be arranged. 
  • WHS Website: Stay informed! Visit our school website regularly to get information. Check the daily bulletin and school calendar for events, learn about graduation and college prep requirements and more. Every page of the website can be translated into a dozen languages by clicking on the translation button on the bottom right hand side of the page!
  • PTSA: Join PTSA and be a part of our school community through this organization! Parents who are involved in their child’s school do better in school—this applies to high school as well! 
  • School Activities: Encourage your student to get involved in a school activity. Students who are involved in something they enjoy at school get better grades-it's a proven fact!
  • Contact your student’s counselor when you have a concern: We are here to help your student be successful in high school!

A parent/guardian’s involvement in high school is as critical as it was in elementary school