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Counseling Staff & Services


LOCATION: Main Office
Wed.-Fri. 7:45 AM - 3:15 PM
Tuesdays: 7:45 AM - 2:00 PM

PARENTS: Please call to schedule an appointment with your student's counselor.
We will send out important information as it is happening.

Counseling Goals  

Helping students have a positive experience in high school is the primary focus for school counseling. Students who need to discuss a personal matter or are experiencing a crisis, or would like help in planning their academic program to fit college or career goals can meet with their counselor. Counselors are usually available on a drop in basis before and after school, brunch and lunch. Students can also initiate a meeting with their counselor by signing in on the clipboard (color coded by counselor) in the Counseling Office. Counselors will respond to their request as soon as possible. Students requiring immediate attention can come to the counseling office as needed. 


The counseling staff at Washington High School is committed to providing each student with the information they need to progress through high school toward graduation and preparation for their next step into higher education. During their time as our students, we will assist them in this endeavor and provide guidance to suit their individual needs. WHS offers a variety of counseling services to the student body. Parents can reach counselors by phone or email and can also call to arrange appointments.

Academic Information:

  • Personal appointments for graduation status and information
  • Personal appointments for college entrance requirements: status and information
  • Appointments for parent conferences
  • Distribution of student transcripts twice each year for student and parent review 
  • Annual classroom presentations to all students to review graduation and college prep requirements
  • Course selection and program advising; developing a 4 Year Plan
  • Support and guidance in use of online college and career planning program
  • Parent presentations focusing on graduation requirements and college prep
  • Financial Aid presentations for seniors and their parents
  • Incoming Freshmen orientation and registration in spring
  • Freshmen Orientation activities
  • Information and referral for tutoring resources
  • Attendance review
  • Fremont Adult School and FUSD Summer School registration for graduation deficiencies
  • Information and referral to alternative high school programs
  • Community college concurrent enrollment information and permission forms
  • 10th grade Career and College Exploration activities 
  • Assistance with college application process
  • Private College and Scholarship application workshop
  • Letters of recommendation for private colleges and scholarships
  • PSAT test for juniors and sophomores on campus in October

College & Career Center:

The College & Career Center, located in the Student Center, is open before and after school, and during lunch and brunch. The Career Specialist can also arrange to meet with students during class as needed. Parents are also welcome to visit the College & Career Center by phoning for an appointment. For more information, visit the College & Career Center and the College Prep web pages.

  • Career and college library: College applications and catalogs, college and career reference guides
  • SAT/ACT preparation and registration information 
  • Ohlone College registration and placement testing for seniors available on campus each year in early spring
  • Vocational career information
  • Military information and referral
  • Aptitude tests to gauge interest and ability
  • Regional Occupational Program (ROP) information and coordination of student enrollment
  • Volunteer and job opportunity postings
Personal Counseling:
Understanding that students have experiences beyond school, the counseling staff recognizes the need to address personal concerns for our students as they arise. The counseling department can assist in the following ways:
  • Referrals to social service and counseling agencies
  • Crisis and short term counseling for students
  • Parent conferences
  • Referrals to social service and counseling agencies
A word about confidentiality:
Counselors are required to adhere to the law regarding confidentiality of student information and take very seriously the need to protect the privacy of our students.

Defining the role of counseling:

I'm not sure where to go with my question...

Counselors can always guide you to find the appropriate place to get the information you need. We are a large high school so responsibilities are divided among staff. Concerns that involve student safety and discipline are administrative responsibilities that counselors will direct to the administration for follow up as incidents are encountered. Sometimes counselors receive complaints regarding an incident at school and in most instances, we are required to refer students and parents to the FUSD complaint policy that explains the necessary steps that must be taken in this process.
Contact B. Tseng  B. Tseng (510) 505-7107 Counselor FO - LI - Dept. Chair

Contact C. Brahmst  C. Brahmst (510) 505-7110 Counselor A - FI
Contact A. Madrinan  A. Madrinan (510) 505-7108 Counselor LI - RI
Contact D. Vera-Valdez  D. Vera-Valdez (510) 505-7151 Counselor RO-Z & AVID