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Online and College Course Enrollment

FUSD has a number of policies in place for course enrollment at WHS and in other programs. Below you will find information surrounding schedules, online courses, course advancement policies, and concurrent enrollment at local colleges.

Schedule Changes
Elective Changes The add/drop period for schedule changes is limited to the first three weeks
of the first semester
Level Changes Level changes are limited to the first five weeks of the first semester
Meeting Prerequisites Students must meet the prerequisites to enter a class (i.e. grade of C or
higher in previous and/or required course). Please refer to the FUSD Course Catalog
for more information.
Teacher Selection Teacher changes are not permitted
Class Period Selection Class period switches are not permitted


Online Courses or Courses Taken Outside of FUSD
Credit Recovery Students in need of credit due to failing classes or transferring from other school
districts must first use the credit recovery programs that FUSD has in place:
Summer School and lastly APEX or Cyber High.
Transcript Credit Students must receive prior written approval from Washington High School 
for courses to be added to the high school transcript. Only courses needed to meet
graduation requirements may be added to the FUSD transcript for high school credit.
Courses for
Students may not use college, online or other high school program courses for acceleration
Art / PE Students may not take art or physical education classes online for FUSD credit

Fremont Unified School District and Washington High School are not responsible for approval/denial of online or other high school program courses at other schools and post secondary institutions (i.e., colleges). WHS is not responsible for checking student's progress in online or other courses taken outside of FUSD.

College Coursework
Dual Enrollment College courses will not be added to the FUSD transcript unless they are taught on
the high school campus as part of the regular school day
GPA Minimum Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to receive school approval to take a college course
Check Prerequisites For many courses, students must take prerequisite community college courses,
which may affect the student's ability to enroll in the class
Acceleration Students may not use college courses for the purposes of acceleration
College Records College Record is permanent and must be reported when applying to colleges
Credit Limit Students are not permitted to take more then 7 college credits per term