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School Site Council

Thank you for your interest in the Washington High School Site Council

The purpose of this unit is:

  • Annually review SPPA Plan and the Safety Plan and suggest any necessary modifications.  These are to reflect changing needs and priorities and to be consistent with the State of California Education Code and directives from the FUSD.
    • Such a review should include all the latest data and statistical comparison of the program with other schools in the FUSD, the state norms, and the national statistical level of education whenever possible.
    • Review and approve proposed budgets and changes associated with SPPA and Safety Plan.
  • Serve as an advisory body to influence and improve the policies and procedures of the school beyond the Single Plan for Pupil Achievement (SPPA). 

The Council is composed of school staff, ASB students, and parents.  

2020-2021 Council Membership 

Principal – Bob Moran

  1. School Staff – 
  2. 1.       Nicole Norman (SSC Secretary)
  3. 2.       Jo Ann Garbarini (teacher)
  4. 3.       Kathleen Rauschuber (teacher ELD)
  5. 4.       Mark Clevenger (teacher)
  6. 3.       Rhett Spitzack (custodian, classified staff)
  7. Parents/Community – 
  8. 1.       Stephanie Harrison (Chair)
  9. 2.       Linda Lacari
  10. 3.       Judy Tomsivic (alternate)
  11. 4.       Selvaraj Raghuraman
  12. 5.       Lisa Orgrey
  13. ASB Students
  14. Sunjay Muralitharan
  15. Sreepriya Ganga 

Bob Moran, Washington High Principal 


The link to our current bylaws: Revised 11/30/15 Bylaws

Please click on the following for the 11/30/15 Agenda 

To learn more about the Council and its responsibilities, please view this PowerPoint prepared by FUSD: