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Parent Involvement = Student Success

School Site Committees

  • Health and Safety Committee Parents and students meeting to discuss emergency preparedness and safety issues. Contact principal Bob Moran for information.
  • School Site Council Provides strategic guidance for school instructional program and liaison to district office. Contact principal Bob Moran for information on joining/participating.
  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Parent groups officially associated with state and national PTA advocate for children, support effective parenting and promote public involvement in schools. 
    Contact site PTA representative. Email and your contact will be forwarded.
  • Booster Clubs Parent groups formed to support specific student activities such as sports, band, fine arts. 
    Contact site representatives.
  • SCRIPP Organizing classroom fundraising certificate program. 
    Contact school office.

Classroom and project volunteer opportunities

  • Fine Arts Mini-Experience (FAME)
    Parent volunteers teaching music, art, drama
  • Music for Minors
    Volunteers teaching music

Independent Committees

Fremont Education Foundation
Contact the foundation website at

District Committees

  • Measure E Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) After bonds are approved at an election compliant with Proposition 39, a governing board must establish an independent citizens oversight committee. The FUSD Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) was appointed by the Board of Education on December 5, 2001, and took office following the certification of the March 5, 2002 General Bond Election which gave approval of Measure B.
  • Curriculum & Instruction Advisory Committee (C&I Committee) The C&I Committee’s responsibility is to advise and give input into the District’s Curriculum & Instruction planning, by reviewing/recommending curriculum and materials that are high quality and equitable and advising in relevant instructional matters. 
  • Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) The Technology Advisory Committee acts as advisors on the state of technology within the District. The Committee advises and make recommendations to the Board, Superintendent, and the District management staff as appropriate. The Committee chairperson submits a periodic summary of committee work to the board via the superintendent's office.
  • African-American Parent Advisory Committee (AAPAC) The membership of the Committee consists of parents of African American students in Fremont Unified School District who have an interest in services and programs that support closing the achievement gap for African-American students.
  • Local Control and Accountability Advisory Committee (LCAAC) The Advisory Committee's responsibility is to advise and give input into the district's LCAP regarding priorities and resources based on the LCFF.
  • Measure I Citizens' Oversight Committee Measure I was approved by the voters of Fremont on June 7, 2016. It replaces Measure K which expires in July 2016. The Measure I Citizens' Oversight Committee provides independent oversight to ensure that the revenue received by the Fremont Unified School District is spent in accordance with the commitment made to the voters of Fremont.
  • Facilities Advisory Committee The Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) has established a Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC), the purpose of which is to advise and make recommendations to the Board of Education (Board), Superintendent, and District management staff regarding construction and facilities matters.
  • Special Education Committees Fremont Council PTA and SELPA Community Advisory Committee (CAC).