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23/24 MAZE Day Process/Info
Continuing Student 23/24 Enrollment Timeline:

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New Student 23/24 Enrollment Timeline:

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Already have other children attending:

NEW Student Enrollment for 2023-24

Instructions for families with existing students.

2023/2024 New Enrollment Information

Yes, can enroll your student during summer break - our district office remains open during summer.


2023-2024 School Year Instructional Calendar

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: August 16, 2023
The first day of school is mandatory
Any student who misses the first day of school will automatically be dropped & you will need to begin the enrollment process again.

*Enrollment is by virtual appointment only*

Please verify your home address falls under the Washington High School attendance area before proceeding with enrollment here: 
School Locator

*FUSD does not offer preemptive campus tours*

The appointment link can be found in the section below titled
Please carefully read all of the information on this page before clicking the link.

Our district office's central enrollment center processes all enrollment appointments:

Department of Student Support Services:
4210 Technology Drive, Rm 160
For questions or concerns regarding scheduling, please contact Student Support Services:
phone: (510) 657-2350 email:

After you finish your virtual appointment, the Washington High School Registrar's office will get in contact with you through email to give you more information.

Yes, you can, as long as you are able to establish residency within FUSD in your name, and will be physically residing in your new household before the first day of school. 

• The legal residence of the pupil and parent(s) is where the pupil/parents reside 5 school nights a week. In cases of joint custody or separation, the parent/guardian must declare a primary residence of the child and legal documentation may be required.

• If the student resides within the District attendance area but without his/her parent(s), the legal guardian(s) must provide the District with a legal court document showing **proof of guardianship to be eligible for enrollment.

• Pursuant to Board policy, Affidavits of Residency and/or informal transfers of parental control will not be accepted. 

**Please check our caregiver/declaration of residency information page for instruction if you are a family member who will be caring for the student and require details about enrollment, or if your family lives in another family's household:
Caregiver Affidavit and Declaration of Residency 


California schools are required to check immunization records for all new student admission

Documentation of a child's immunization record is required by State Law (California Health and Safety Code, Sections 120325-120375). Either a doctor's written statement or an official immunization record is necessary for enrollment

  • All students need to have proof of vaccination submitted to their current school office before their start date
  • The record must show a stamp or signature from the physician or health care provider, as well as the child's full name and date of birth
  • Students who are not up to date on their vaccinations may be excluded from school until they are up to date

scan the QR code for a list of required shots
or click the link here Shots for School

                                          IZ QR code

Please contact our school nurse if you have any questions or concerns: Mae Higa at


Please let your enrollment specialist know if your student currently has an IEP (ISP if coming from a private school). You will need to complete a 30-day placement request form during the enrollment process.

For questions or concerns, contact our Special Services Department:
Phone: (510) 659-2569
Staff Directory Email: Staff Contacts
Location: 4210 Technology Drive - Rm 100

The application/enrollment LINK for 23/24 is located in step 3 of the enrollment steps below
please make sure to read the following information thoroughly before scheduling your appointment

Enrollment Steps:

  1. For detailed instructions on how to enroll your New FUSD student and a list of required supplementary documents needed, please view this link Read Enrollment Instructions (Spanish) (Chinese)
  2. Enrollment instructional video: if your child is new, or returning, to Fremont Unified School District please view this instructional video for beginning enrollment: Video for New or Slideshow For New

    *NOTE: The video has information for both primary and secondary enrollment - Secondary information begins at 9min-50sec video time.

  3. Application (LINK) - You will be asked to scan the required documents. It is important that you scan these documents to your computer/mobile device prior to beginning the online enrollment application. You will need to access these documents while completing the enrollment application. Please save each document as its own document as you will upload them in different sections of the online application (residency documents can be scanned together). Please name the file with the last name and type; please do not use non-alphanumeric characters such as commas, and periods.
  4. After you submit an application, you will receive an email from Infinite Campus with instructions to schedule an appointment for a virtual meeting to finalize the enrollment.
  5. Once step 4 is complete SSS will confirm enrollment. Next, you will receive an enrollment confirmation email from the Washington High School Registrar's office with your student's FUSD student ID#, and course registration instructions. Your student is now ready to select their courses.


  • Students may not select courses before completing the above steps

2023/2024 WHS Course Selection Catalog LINK:

2023/2024 FUSD Course Catalog (LINK)

2023/2024 New Student Registration Presentations:

Class of 2027: Rising 9th Grade Reg 2023-2024 Info
Class of 2026: Rising 10th Grade Reg 2023-2024 Info

Class of 2025: Rising 11th Grade Reg 2023-2024 Info

Class of 2024: Rising 12th Grade Reg 2023-2024 Info

2023/2024 New Student Course Registration Forms:

Class of 2027:  Rising 9th Registration Form 2023-24

Class of 2026: Rising 10th Registration Form 2023-24

Class of 2025: Rising 11th Registration Form 2023-24

Class of 2024: Rising 12th Registration Form 2023-24

Congratulations! You have completed the enrollment process!


Welcome to Washington, home of the HUSKIES!!

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Registrar: Jennifer Hardy 
Phone: (510) 505-7300
ex: 67164
Fax: (510)794-8437
Husky PawHusky PawHusky PawHusky Paw

Student Record Requests During Summer Break

Please email or fax your request to the Registrar. 

Please be advised that while school is not in session no record requests will be processed any sooner than August 1, 2023.

23/24 Summer School Information

High School:
June 12th - July 12th
No School June 19th, July 3rd and 4th off
Summer School for the district will be held at Washington High School
Summer School Principal:
Harry Pabley

The purpose of High School Summer School is to provide academic support
(by invitation only):

1. Students who have D’s and F’s in courses needed to graduate.
2. Students who are deficient in credits in a particular course of study needed to graduate.


Washington High School is classified as a closed school for incoming transfers which means we are not accepting incoming transfers at this time

Please visit our district website for detailed information about INTRA and INTER district transfers and applications: 

Transfer Request/Information LINK

*NOTE*: if you reside within the Washington High School attendance area you are not considered a transfer student - transfers are for students who do not reside within Washington High School boundaries.