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The English program is designed to prepare students to learn how to communicate effectively, read critically, and write clearly. Students are enrolled in an English class each year and must successfully complete four years in order to meet graduation requirements. Our goal is to produce Washington High School students who have the reading, writing, and thinking skills necessary to become successful citizens in our global society.

Contact J. Hockenson  J. Hockenson (510) 505-7300 ex: 67225 English Dept. CO-Chair & AVID Teacher & Title 1 Coordinator
Contact A. Karantzalis  A. Karantzalis (510) 505-7300 ex: 67242 English Dept. Co-Chair & Dig. Journalism Teacher
Contact M. Alvarado  M. Alvarado (510) 505-7300 ex: 67121 Intervention Teacher
Contact A. Awwad  A. Awwad (510) 505-7300 ex: 67120 English Teacher
Contact V. Bragagnolo  V. Bragagnolo (510) 505-7300 ex: 67229 English Teacher
Contact A. Caesar  A. Caesar (510) 505-7300 ex: 67226 English Teacher
Contact F. Dimitriou  F. Dimitriou (510) 505-7300 ex: 67224 English Teacher
Contact S. Fish  S. Fish (510) 505-7300 ex: 67230 English Teacher & ELD Teacher
Contact S. Jones  S. Jones (510) 505-7300 ex: 67223 English Teacher
Contact C. Kim  C. Kim (510) 505-7300 ex: 67227 English Teacher
Contact V. Lin  V. Lin (510) 505-7300 ex: 67231 English Teacher
Contact J. Mogey  J. Mogey (510) 505-7300 ex: 67121 English Teacher
Contact H. Olson  H. Olson (510) 505-7300 ex: 67222 English Teacher
Contact B. Osicka  B. Osicka (510) 505-7300 ex: 67220 English Teacher
Contact Y. Reynolds  Y. Reynolds (510) 505-7300 ex: 67478 English Teacher