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The Washington High School Math Department offers a wide range of courses that serve the needs of our college and career bound students.   We have a long academic tradition of high standards that aim to put students on track with the skills and concepts that are necessary to be successful in their future academic and career pursuits.  We offer many courses that meet the A-G requirements, and we seek to help all students gain mastery with math.  Our highly qualified staff works hard to ensure that no student who wants to learn is left behind, while also challenging our most gifted learners.

Contact M. Clevenger  M. Clevenger (510) 505-7300 ex: 67334 Math Dept. Chair
Contact I. Ackerson  I. Ackerson (510) 505-7300 ex: 67322 Math Teacher
Contact W. Bowls  W. Bowls (510) 505-7300 ex: 67255 Math Teacher
Contact K. Chang  K. Chang (510) 505-7300 ex: 67344 Math Teacher
Contact E. Duerr  E. Duerr (510) 505-7300 ex: 67258 Math Teacher
Contact J. Hess  J. Hess (510) 505-7300 ex: 67342 Math Teacher
Contact B. Hsieh  B. Hsieh (510) 505-7300 ex: 67257 Math Teacher
Contact R. Joshi  R. Joshi (510) 505-7300 ex: 67353 Math Teacher
Contact J. Kang  J. Kang (510) 505-7300 ex: 67252 Math Teacher
Contact G. Lee  G. Lee (510) 505-7300 ex: 67170 Math Teacher
Contact N. Nguyen  N. Nguyen (510) 505-7300 ex: 67351 Math Teacher
Contact R. Sheth  R. Sheth (510) 505-7300 ex: 67323 Math Teacher
Contact V. Wu  V. Wu (510) 505-7300 ex: 67354 Math & Business Teacher
Contact Z. Zhan  Z. Zhan (510) 505-7300 ex: 67356 Math Teacher