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Welcome to the Science Department .  The Science Department of Washington High School is dedicated to providing students with a rigorous course of study, inspiring students with an appreciation of natural and physical science, and providing a foundation for future and lifelong learning of science. 

Contact S. Chow  S. Chow (510) 505-7300 ex: 67332 Science Dept. Co-Chair
Contact S. Hwang  S. Hwang (510) 505-7300 ex: 67483 Science Dept. Co-Chair
Contact M. Bortz  M. Bortz (510) 505-7300 ex: 67332 Science Teacher
Contact J. Drage  J. Drage (510) 505-7300 ex: 67476 Science Teacher
Contact M. Ewers  M. Ewers (510) 505-7300 ex: 67486 Science Teacher
Contact L. Nikolaeva  L. Nikolaeva (510) 505-7300 ex: 67479 Science Teacher
Contact R. Raymond  R. Raymond (510) 505-7300 ex: 67394 Science Teacher
Contact S. Raymond  S. Raymond (510) 505-7300 ex: 67482 Science Teacher
Contact M. Yu  M. Yu (510) 505-7300 ex: 67475 Science Teacher
Contact C. Zhang  C. Zhang (510) 505-7300 ex: 67321 Science Teacher