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Bienvenue sur la page d'accueil DU français à Washington High School!

Welcome to the WHS French page! Our 4-year program provides students with a great opportunity to learn and become proficient in written and spoken French. It also affords them a deeper understanding of the peoples and cultures of France and the French-speaking world.

Eiffel Tower



We use a broad range of strategies to ensure our students learn meaningfully and effectively. Following are some examples:


  •   In-class language instruction: students receive up-to-date reading, writing, listening, and speaking lessons that reflect their real-life experiences.
  • Computer lab activities: This enables students to do hands-on work using digital audio-visual resources like Pronunciator, Kahoot, VHL Supersite, etc.
  • Quarterly projects: Our main project is Culture Points. It requires students to research major aspects of French/Francophone culture. Areas of focus include: food/cuisine, art, history, literature, architecture, music, fashion, and major landmarks. Students conclude their work with a class presentation in the target language.
  • Field trips: Students periodically visit culturally and linguistically relevant locations.
  • The French Club: The Club’s mission is to promote and foster awareness of French and Francophone issues. It meets on campus every other Friday.
  • Guided visits abroad: Students get a chance to visit French-speaking countries to help them gain a better understanding of the language and culture.
  • Participation in French national/international competitions: Students participate in competitions against their peers around the world. Winners generally receive a prize.


You are cordially invited to come check out our classroom (Room H277). You will get a chance to speak with Monsieur Boseh who will be more than happy to discuss our program with you. À bientôt!!!


Parlez-Vous Francais