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Four Year Planning

Each individual WHS student will have an opportunity to meet with their counselor one-on-one to begin planning for life after high school. Whether a student has plans to attend a community college or university, or graduate high school and venture into other opportunities; every student will have an individualized plan to meet their goals.

9th Grade Students will focus on adjusting and transitioning to high school. Counselors present in each 9th grade class to go
over graduation requirements, as well as pathways towards multiple post-secondary options.
10th Grade First one-on-one with a counselor.
Counselors will work with each student in creating their first four year plan.
This includes: 
- Graduation Status
- Goals for after high school
- Recommendations for meeting post graduation goals
- Course planning for junior year
11th Grade One-on-one meeting with counselor (continued)
- Revisit plan created in 10th grade
- Make any updates to students goals and progress
- Course planning for senior year
12th Grade

- Graduation progress meeting
- Letter of recommendations (private school applicants)

Seniors are recommended to meet with the College/Career Specialist for college application support and financial aid.