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Report Cards & Progress Reports

Report cards are issued quarterly and at the end of each semester. Eight week quarter grades are progress indicators and are also used to determine eligibility in MVAL sports and some other activities. Semester grades (16 weeks) at the half-way point and at the end of the school year are final grades that are used in the Grade Point Average calculation and for activity eligibility. Progress Reports are issued midway between quarters to students who are performing poorly in a class and also can indicate satisfactory class performance.  Parents can contact the teacher directly for further clarification.  Paper copies of first quarter grades are distributed at Parent Conferences in November. First semester and third quarter grades are issued to students in the beginning of January and mid March respectively. Second semester grades are mailed home approximately ten days after the last day of school. All grades are posted on Infinite Campus for easy parent access. Units are earned at the end of each semester for passing grades. Most courses earn five units per class period, per semester.

GRADING CALENDAR: Indicates when Semester grades, Quarter grades and Progress Reports are posted.


Early September


Mid October


Early November


End of December


Early February


Mid March


Early April


Early June

Progress Reports

In an effort to notify parents about their students progress in school, you will receive Progress Reports in the mail. Teachers can send Progress Reports to students who are successful in classes as well as in situations  where students are struggling. In some cases, students will receive an N grade which means no grade was issued at the present time by the teacher. In these cases teachers will often add a comment rather than a grade to indicate current progress. If a class is left off the Progress Report then this means that the teacher opted for no progress report because the student is making satisfactory progress. Teachers will send Progress Reports for any student who has a D or F and in some cases, a low C if the student has been inconsistent in his/her performance in the class. It is the teacher's obligation to notify the parent through either a Progress Report or other parent contact when a student is in danger of failing.
The Progress Report acts as a warning to parents about their student's difficulties with enough time left in the quarter or semester that the student can work toward raising the grade. The low grade can be the result of multiple or singular issues which will be listed on the form. Poor test grades, missing or incomplete assignments, missing class and classroom behavioral problems that interfere with class work are common reasons for sending Progress Reports.
Progress Reports are sent by mail midway through each quarter.  Parents are encouraged to phone or email the teacher when a Progress Report arrives to clarify the reason for the notice and to help their student get back on track in class. Inquire with teachers or counselors about tutoring opportunities on campus if your student needs extra help. Our goal is to see that all students successfully complete courses with passing grades by informing both parents and their students of what they can do to improve.  
Parents:  Are you concerned about your students grades?  Not sure how they are doing at this point of the school year?  Make sure to be proactive by attending Parent Conferences. Furthermore, reach out to teachers of the specific courses you are concerned about. You can also request that your students Assistant Principal set up a Student Study Team Meeting; affording an opportunity to speak with your students entire teaching team in person.