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Four Year Plan (University)

Below is an example four year plan for a student who is working towards meeting university entrance requirements. Note that each individual student's plan may differ based on course preferences and academic performance.

9th Grade
English 9 / 9 H
Algebra 1 or higher
Living Earth
PE or Band
Health / Geography
World Language or Fine Art
10th Grade
English 10 / 10 H
Geometry or higher
Chemistry / Chem H
PE or Band
World History / AP Euro History
World Language or Fine Art
11th Grade
English 11 / 11 H
Algebra 2 or higher
US History / AP USH
Elective or Band
World Language or Fine Art
12th Grade
ERWC / AP English Lit
Econ & Am. Gov / AP Econ & AP Gov
Elective or Band



FUSD Course Catalog

WHS AP/Honors Courses

UC Doorways
Students can verify if courses meet university a-g requirements