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Ohlone Connections

Motivated, responsible students who have performed well in high school and meet entrance criteria have the opportunity to apply for a joint program between Fremont Unified and Ohlone College during their senior year. Students take high school classes in the morning on the Ohlone campus and then college classes in the afternoon. The program enables them to meet graduation requirements while starting college and earning college credit.

Ohlone College Connections Recruitment for 2023 School Year
1) A video presentation will be sent out before the
end of the February 2022
2) Live Q&A: 
  • Wednesday, March 30 @ 6pm - 7:15p: Washington HS

This is a chance for students to connect with me, Ohlone staff,
get answers to questions, etc.


fall 2023 info

WHS Q&A: March 30, 2022, 6pm

Application Deadline: TBD

Registration Deadline: TBD


FUSD College Connections Program Coordinator

Metanoia Siamu Maka
(Mrs. Noia)